The Tantalizing Prospect



Mk Ultra Subproject 136 and Kress’ Parapsychology in Intelligence A personal Review and Conclusions pretty much dispels the myth that the CIA suddenly became interested in psychic phenomenon because they discovered that Russians were and they had to rush in to fill some “psychic gap”.


This pretty much parallels their claim that they became interested in “brain washing” ( a neologism created by one of their assets) and mind control after they suddenly discovered that the communists were involved in such a program.


A myth that has been dispelled by John Marks in his book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.


Actually it would be more surprising that the CIA or any intelligence agency wasn’t interested in psychic phenomenon since they are continually asked to predict the future ,to be able to read their opponents mind and to go into those dark and hidden places where secrets are hidden.


One can see why Remote Viewing if possible presented such tantalizing prospects.


Another thing is that back in the 1970’s Remote Sensing using satellites was still in its infancy and there was no way of seeing what their target was up to in real time.


Even today satellites can be spoofed by various defensive and deceptive measures taken by the target.


Also many can easily be seen even by the naked eye without the use of high-powered telescopes and thus their paths can be predicted. Not to mention the fact that they are vulnerable as well as China has proven a short time ago to killer satellites.


Remote Viewing offers the possibility of a spy who is completely invisible and untouchable.

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