The Military-Occult Complex



If anything written can make spooks seem spookier it’s W.Adam Mandelbaum’s The Psychic Battlefield.


Mandelbaum a “former” spook himself not only discusses the CIA’s fascination with Remote Viewing but goes into the history behind it and makes the connection between what a former DCI called the Craft of Intelligence and witchcraft. The cult of intelligence and the occult.


Really not too big of a stretch when you consider the etymology of the word occult means to cover or hide. Something spies and spy agencies do all the time.


They also deal in deception and illusion which is an intricate part of magic.


Then of course you have the symbiotic relationship between spooks and secret societies or cults. It explains why many spies belong to or are members of such obscure organizations like the Skull and Bones, the Masons, the Knights of Malta whose connection to the Templar Knights is well known by those who research these dark vineyards.


Secret societies and cults are pretty much the originators of invisible ink and recognition signals. Many incantations are actually codes. A member of one of these occult groups would find the transition to covert world of intelligence a natural step.


The Military has always employed spies to gain intelligence on their enemies and sometimes their allies plans, strategies and tactics.


Much of what Sun Tzu wrote about the use of spies over two millennia ago is still practiced today.


Civilian spy agencies like the CIA seek a political objective or advantage by employing covert warfare either directly, psychologically and in the case of remote viewing psychically.


Despite what the “skeptics“, who many believe are employed by these same agencies, say about all this “hocus pocus” the Intelligence Community, the Military and even many police agencies continue to elicit the help of psychics, covertly of course and without much fanfare.


For instance there is the case of the kidnapped heiress Patricia Hearst and no doubt others.


Duplicity is not an uncommon trait among spies. Taking an allied subject in the field of the Paranormal, UFOs, we see that the CIA set about discrediting the subject through such things as the Robertson Panel while on the other hand maintaining an interest in this unexplained aerial phenomenon themselves.


So highly classified is this fascination and so difficult has been to acquire documents relating to it through the Freedom of Information Act that many of the public believe that there is an actual conspiracy between our Government and aliens.

Add to this the possibility that the agencies themselves have contributed to this belief .

Giving the impression that this is what they want the public to believe.

My personal opinion is there are those in the Government who are just as fascinated about these strange lights in the sky and by the possibility of psychic phenomenon but like the public in general they are just as mystified. They can’t explain why these phenomena occur. Something which is hard for any Government to admit since it detracts from the illusion that they are omniscient and all knowing.


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