Remote Viewing Joins the Army


According to Kenneth Kress, CIA’s direct involvement with Remote Viewing ended with the death of Pat Price.

However this did not end the Government’s interest in the phenomenon. In  1977  CIA’s project Scanate is transferred to the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (Inscom) under the new classified sobriquet Gondola Wish.

Expanding on its Scientology roots psychic Ingo Swann becomes a consultant and is credited with writing the definitive manual on Remote Viewing which anyone who has any familiarity with the subject of Scientology employs many of its techniques which includes making a full clay representation of the target as part of “step VII” given in the manual.

The Army also employs Robert Munroe who has devised a technique or procedure he says produces an out of body state by using stereo headphones incorporating hemi-sync.

According to the theory different tones are generated in each headphone thus causing a binaural effect which creates an altered state. One of them being an OBE or out of body experience.

This was incorporated as part of what became known as RAPT (Rapid Acquisition Personal Training) which included a copper shielded “black box” much like Lilly’s sensory deprivation tank with the exception that the person remained in communication with the outside world via a pair of hemi-sync headphones and a microphone.

Probably the books best to read on this phase of Remote Viewing are those  written by Paul Smith and Joseph McMoneagle.

During this period the Remote Viewing program was run under Detachment G of Inscom and existed under various cryptonyms such as Grill Flame, Center Lane, Sun Streak  and eventually when it was transferred to the DIA as Stargate.

Contrary to CIA’s claim that Remote Viewing was never used operationally it seems according to the two former psychic spies Smith and McMoneagle it was used operationally by various Government Agencies with a great degree of success and some believe its is being continued by these same Agencies.

But before I explore this possibility we will be taking a look at another interesting chapter in the story of remote viewing.

Stay tuned.

    • Bob Dobbs
    • October 20th, 2014

    Robin, we don’t know each other; just a former LA Scn from 70s/80s, and have seen many of your posts on the various blogs. Our political leanings I think are a bit similar, as I seem to recall your getting hit with potshots for mentioning possibilities other than what is in the “paper”. (Marty and Mike, like most, seem to believe what the [documentedly] CIA-controlled media tells them.)

    Just wondering what is up with your “remoteviewed” name and blog? Apologies if you s apo d before and I mied it. Is it your theory that military/secret-government players took over Scn in part to limit outside knowledge of the efficacy of remote-viewing activities?

    Just wondering. Thanks.

      • Bob Dobbs
      • October 20th, 2014

      I meant “if you said before”.

    • Hi Bob,

      Pleasure to meet you.

      Maybe we crossed paths at the Complex back in the ’80’s.

      Your name looks familiar.

      The name remoteviewed really has no significance. I went to WordPress got a blog called Remote Viewed then an Avatar with the same name whenever I sign up to comment on a blog and I’m just too lazy to change it 😉

      Remote viewed the blog was an effort at shameless self promotion for a spy thriller I’d written called Coordinates which I’ve linked to on my blog.

      Anyway in order to write the book I had to do a lot of research on the subject of remote viewing and the structure of the CIA since it was a spy novel involving them.

      So I decided to make a blog based on my research because it is only very superficially covered in the book.

      Now to answer the second part of your question. The answer is a definite “I don’t know”. There is no as Ron would say Tanaka Memorial but there are indications that the USG was very interested in Scientology and any allied religion or philosophy and also a concern stated by the Ol’ man over the Government’s efforts to “seize” Scientology in the policy Politics; Freedom From which probably as in likely intensified after the Remote Viewing project was initiated.

      If you’re interested I started a blog regarding this aspect.

      (I try to keep the blog on RV as secular as possible.)


      Anyway I hope I answered your questions Bob.


    • PS

      Regard commenting on Marty and Mike. Marty especially who seems to have gone to great lengths in his self published “tell all” Book about being a Scientology Warrior to discredit any perception that Michael Meisner may have been a plant or agent provocateur as many in the GO suspected after he became a federal witness for the DOJ.

      Yet he was the only one to turn on the Church of Scientology out of eleven defendants and the only one other than Gerald Wolfe who was caught red handed filching documents from the IRS in other words directly involved in acts of espionage yet basically received a slap on the wrist while everyone else did jail time with the exception of his partner in crime Gerald Wolfe who managed to get hired by the IRS even though there was a hiring freeze on hiring Government personnel due to the recession back then.

      Mike on the other hand in my opinion is just naive. I mean anyone who thinks Adnan Khashoggi is a “nice guy who was looking for a nice place to put one of his ex-wives” which just happened to be the FLB. In my opinion is naive.

      That and the fact that he never suspected Meade Emory (who just happened to be on the IRS task force responsible for handling the Church’s appeal.) of having any ulterior motive for assisting in the establishment of CST.

      To me Mike seems like a nice guy which is the wrong type of person to make the head of an intelligence apparatus like OSA.

      What you want in a position like that is a total paranoid who suspects everyone. Not some as an old friend of mine used to say some “theety wheatie thetan with groovy anchor points”.

      In my opinion I’d say Mike is in over his head and doesn’t really understand the power of the press which you say and I tend to agree is mainly controlled by the IC to manipulate and control his message.

      That and what seems to be his obsessive hatred of David Miscavige which tends to blind him of viewing other extreme possibilities.

      Back to Marty. In my opinion he and Miscavige are very much alike. If he had control of the Church he’d probably run it the same way and so like Miscavige in his SOED removing Broeker from his position would commit the same crimes he accuses the other of doing or planning to commit.

      To sum up my response. Marty and Mike’s reliance on the press to change the Church is counter productive. Since members have been pretty much inoculated against the press by the proven lies they’ve written about Scientology in the past.

      Thus any truth that manages to leak through now is countered by the lies generated before and all they accomplish by getting the press involved is to cause what public who are left to simply circle the wagons and defend the indefensible.

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