Remote Viewing Incorporated

It’s not unusual that highly classified technology would eventually into the public domain. An example is the one time top secret technology of Nuclear Fission being used for the generation of electrical power. Another one is the medium you are currently reading this article through i.e. the Internet which at one time was a secret project funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency or ARPA now known as DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Projects formerly known as the ARPAnet.

What is unusual is that Remote Viewing would be offered to the public while it was still considered a Top Secret Special Access Program or SAP when in 1989 PSITech is incorporated in New Mexico. Not only offering Remote Viewing but training in its techniques to the public in general before the technology was eventually was declassified by CIA in 1995.

A move led by Major Ed Dames later joined by General Albert Stubblebine and Colonel John Alexander.

Yet it seems no charges were brought against any of the above individuals involved in leaking what at the time was considered a Top Secret Program which required Special Access to the general public. In fact to the contrary the above individuals made appearances on various talk shows including Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM talking about the efficaciousness of Remote Viewing not just in perceiving remotely but also in predicting the future.

Interesting that this release of Remote Viewing would coincide with the public’s increased access of the nascent internet and that various Remote Viewing websites and bulletin boards would be popping up in cyberspace. Especially those sites and BBSes that dealt with the paranormal and UFOs. Those areas normally considered “the fringe”.

We go back to one of the original Remote Viewers Paul H Smith who was involved in the original Inscom efforts at Remote Viewing which followed a very definite and stringent protocols developed at the Stanford Research Institute then later according to him in his book Reading the Enemy’s Mind when the program was placed under the auspices of the Defense Intelligence Agency those protocols were completely abandoned along with the general effectiveness of Remote Viewing.

And it was at this time that Remote Viewing or what was called “Remote Viewing” was broadly released to the general public.

One can see an interesting parallel in the public’s interest in UFOs. In the early 1970’s researchers were requesting various files that show that the Government was intrigued by the subject and had actually scrambled jet fighters to chase them after they had been tracked either by radar or seen by qualified observers while duplicitously dismissing any validity to the aerial phenomenon known as UFOs to the public as the manifestations of “swamp gas” or the observer confusing the object with the planet Venus.

A view that was contradicted by declassified reports that show conclusively that the Government actually secretly at least took the phenomenon seriously.

A view that was paralleled when Remote Viewing was first demonstrated to CIA back in the early 1970’s. Yet over two decades later when the program was eventually returned to CIA they say it had no operational value after conducting a hasty “study” by the American Institute for Research which only included research on Remote Viewing after it was transferred to DIA and did not include its earlier successes under CIA’s control and Inscom.

Again we go back to the subject of UFOs. Just as researchers were striking gold through the freedom of information act there was a broad release of what were called the Majestic 12 documents. Actually alleged “documents” that were recorded on microfilm obviously so they couldn’t properly verified “proving” a vast conspiracy between the Government and Aliens.

Tending to muddy the waters of UFO research much like the broad release of Remote Viewing may have done.

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