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Remote Viewing Joins the Army


According to Kenneth Kress, CIA’s direct involvement with Remote Viewing ended with the death of Pat Price.

However this did not end the Government’s interest in the phenomenon. In  1977  CIA’s project Scanate is transferred to the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (Inscom) under the new classified sobriquet Gondola Wish.

Expanding on its Scientology roots psychic Ingo Swann becomes a consultant and is credited with writing the definitive manual on Remote Viewing which anyone who has any familiarity with the subject of Scientology employs many of its techniques which includes making a full clay representation of the target as part of “step VII” given in the manual.

The Army also employs Robert Munroe who has devised a technique or procedure he says produces an out of body state by using stereo headphones incorporating hemi-sync.

According to the theory different tones are generated in each headphone thus causing a binaural effect which creates an altered state. One of them being an OBE or out of body experience.

This was incorporated as part of what became known as RAPT (Rapid Acquisition Personal Training) which included a copper shielded “black box” much like Lilly’s sensory deprivation tank with the exception that the person remained in communication with the outside world via a pair of hemi-sync headphones and a microphone.

Probably the books best to read on this phase of Remote Viewing are those  written by Paul Smith and Joseph McMoneagle.

During this period the Remote Viewing program was run under Detachment G of Inscom and existed under various cryptonyms such as Grill Flame, Center Lane, Sun Streak  and eventually when it was transferred to the DIA as Stargate.

Contrary to CIA’s claim that Remote Viewing was never used operationally it seems according to the two former psychic spies Smith and McMoneagle it was used operationally by various Government Agencies with a great degree of success and some believe its is being continued by these same Agencies.

But before I explore this possibility we will be taking a look at another interesting chapter in the story of remote viewing.

Stay tuned.