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Thank you to patriots like Mike Lindell who pushed past through the miry clay (swamp bogs) and continued on to present evidence. In spite of all the suppression and in our face media lies, and all the treason we witnessed in our faces, truth is exposed once again to be heard.

Will the people hear it? So many are talking of those who refuse to see and many still have faith that many will open their eyes and take a look. Whatever happens one thing is sure. Truth shall prevail even in the days of the blinded!

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A Discussion on Remote Viewing

I’d like to thank David LaCroix over at Scientolipedia for having me on his program today. We had a great time discussing the subject of Remote Viewing.

We’ll be doing three installments about Remote Viewing since there is a lot of information and unfortunately disinformation on the subject.

So I hope you will tune in when the program is available.


Remote Viewing : A Brief History

(This is an article I wrote for the speculative fiction e-zine Strange Horizons some years back.)

This is a brief history of Remote Viewing. No effort has been made to address any skepticism, nor is there any attempt to prove or confirm for the believer the existence of the phenomenon. Much of what follows has been derived directly or from books and publications based on declassified government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act or actual textbooks on the subjects discussed.


First allow me to address the so called “skeptics”. Considering that something is possible is not the same as belief. For instance the difference between an agnostic and an atheist, is the former is unsure of God’s existence while the latter believes absolutely that God doesn’t exist. Tell me which of the two is a product of faith.


Skepticism can, like religious belief be taken to the extreme. Especially when you consider the oft quoted statement by an unknown skeptic “This is the sort of thing I wouldn¹t believe, even if it were true”!


Next the “believer” believes. Thus any attempt to prove or disprove their convictions is time wasted and one finds oneself merely preaching to the choir.


Now the skeptic may disagree, but in many cases the skeptic is a believer himself in orthodox science which has pretty much become a religion.


While on the other hand the believer may be skeptical of the Scientific method, even when it has been liberated from the constraints of religiosity of scientific orthodoxy.


Thus, the skeptic is at times a believer and the believer a skeptic, depending on whose ox is being gored.


Whether psychic abilities exist or not is up to the reader to decide.


What follows is a summary of what has been documented by various sources, interspersed with an occasional insight and the rare opinion, which I take for responsibility for. However, I will try to remain objective walking the fine line between skepticism and belief, while avoiding the deep pit of mediocrity.


One thing that has been accepted on faith by almost all parties concerned is the former DCI Stansfield Turner’s claim that the CIA with much trepidation reflexively began their pursuit into realm of the paranormal as a response to the USSR’s research into the phenomenon. Any public utterance from an organization that has turned plausible denial into an art form is, shall I say is dubious.

Supporters of this claim cite the best seller Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, as the book that spooked our spooks at Langley into closing a “psychic gap”.


Having an “intelligence agency” that would operate solely on ³open source² in intelligence parlance, would be like having a meteorologist who watched the weather channel.


Yet where is a CISCOP when you need one? Why aren¹t they Investigating this claim of the paranormal?


Actually interest in psychic phenomena began much earlier than that, according the CIA’s own in house publication Studies In Intelligence entitled Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal Review and Conclusions by Kenneth Kress(1):


Anecdotal reports of extrasensory perception (ESP) capabilities have reached U.S. national security agencies at least since World War II, when Hitler was said to rely on astrologers and seers. Suggestions for military applications of ESP continued to be received after World War II. For example, in1952 the Department of Defense was lectured on the possible usefulness of extrasensory perception in psychological warfare [1]. Over the years, reports continued to accumulate. In 1961, the reports induced one of the earliest U.S. government parapsychology investigations when the chief of CIA¹s Office of Technical Service (then the Technical Services Division) became interested in the claims of ESP. Technical project officers soon contacted Stephen I. Abrams, the Director of the Parapsychological Laboratory, Oxford University,England. Under the auspices of Project ULTRA, Abrams prepared a review article which claimed ESP was demonstrated but not understood or controllable [2]…

[1] Puharich, A. (1977). On the possible usefulness of extrasensory perception in psychological warfare (delivered to a 1952 Pentagon conference). The Washington Post, August 7

[2] Abrams, S. I. (1965). Extrasensory Perception, Draft report. December 14.(1)


As one can see there is no mention of Ostrander and Schroeder¹s breathless prose or such revelations causing much of a stir at all in the intelligence community at the time. Though this book did have the effect of garnering public support for psychic research, matching an interesting historical parallel.


Of course “Project ULTRA” quoted in the above article is the notorious Mk Ultra.


The Long Strange Trip to The Paranormal

We have a similar mythos about Mk Ultra.


In 1950 Edward Hunter writes a series articles for the Miami Sun exposing ³brain washing² in Communist China and Soviet Russia.


What very few knew then or even now, was that Hunter was an  Agency employee working under cover as a “journalist” and that ³brain washing² was a word that he coined. (2)


From John Marks’ book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate , at the time that Germany¹s Third Reich was experimenting with Mescaline at Dachau:


(T)he Office of Strategic Services (OSS), America’s wartime intelligence agency, set up a “truth drug” committee under Dr. Winfred Overholser, head of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington. The committee quickly tried and rejected mescaline, several barbiturates, and scopolamine. Then, during the spring of 1943, the committee decided that Cannabis indica‹or marijuana‹showed the most promise, and it started a testing program in cooperation with the Manhattan Project, the TOP SECRET effort to build an atomic bomb. It is not clear why OSS turned to the bomb makers for help, except that, as one former Project official puts it, “Our secret was so great, I guess we were safer than anyone else.” Apparently, top Project leaders, who went to incredible lengths to preserve security, saw no danger in trying out drugs on their personnel.(3)


Revelations about “brain washing” served much the same purpose as exposure of “psychic discoveries”. It could rationalize the Intelligence Community¹s interest in mind control or psychic influencing.


The National Security Act of 1947 had created the Central Intelligence Agency and placed it under the direction of the National Security Council headed by the Director of Central Intelligence or DCI and what remained of the OSS like Sir Perceval had bequeathed its quest for the Sangreal of a truth drug.


The program had several transmigrations, first as Bluebird under the Office of Security, then as Artichoke when the program was transferred to the Scientific Intelligence Unit, from there going back and forth between OS and SIU due to bureaucratic wrangling and finally burrowing itself deep with in the Clandestine Services as Mk Ultra under the notorious Sidney Gottlieb Director of the Technical Services Staff(4).


Of course the Merry Pranksters of the TSS found something even more potent than marijuana or even Mescaline!


A substance where dosage was measured in one millionth of an ounce or in micrograms, developed by Albert Hoffman a chemist working for the Swiss Pharmaceutical firm Sandoz known as d-lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD.


Since the TSS came under the Directorate of Operations. The drug was used operationally, much of its “operational” use is described Martin A. Lee & Bruce Shlain Acid Dreams, The Complete Social History of LSD:The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond (5).


According to Lee & Shlain in Chapter 2 The Original Captain Trips was a man from the OSS named Captain Alfred M. Hubbard known as Cappy to his friends ,not to be confused with L Ron Hubbard another dramatis personae in this piece, known as the original “Johnny Appleseed of LSD(6).”


However probably the most influential proponent of mind expansion was the writer Aldous Huxley who had recently tripped on Mescaline in 1953 under the supervision Dr. Humphry Osmond and wrote the famous essay The Doors of Perception, describing his experiences with the “Mind -at- large”(7).


It would eventually be Hubbard who would introduce Huxley to acid(8). Huxley was one to foresee the threat of pharmacological warfare in 1932 when he had written the classic Brave New World and though he had become an apostle of psychedelia he also feared its consequences publicizing his trepidations in a speech given at Berkeley in 1962 entitled the Ultimate Revolution :


It seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: That we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude. This is the, it seems to me, the ultimate in malevolent revolutions shall we say, and this is a problem which has interested me many years and about which I wrote thirty years ago, a fable, Brave New World, which is an account of society making use of all the devices available and some of the devices which I imagined to be possible making use of them in order to, first of all, to standardize the population, to iron out inconvenient human differences, to create, to say, mass produced models of human beings arranged in some sort of scientific caste system. Since then, I have continued to be extremely interested in this problem and I have noticed with increasing dismay a number of the predictions which were purely fantastic when I made them thirty years ago have come true or seem in process of coming true (9).


It was just the year before this speech that Gottlieb¹s ultimate revolution was moving to another target of opportunity.


The majority Mk Ultra¹s subprojects dealt with the use of psychotropic drugs, particularly psychedelics a word coined by Huxley¹s friend Osmond. Others with electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB) such as Dr. Jose Delgado¹s work described in his paper Toward a Psychocivilized Society(10). It also included the creation of multiple personalities with hypnosis, as discussed in Science Digest April 1971 by G H Estabrooks under the title Hypnosis Comes of Age (11). To the excesses of Dr Ewan Cameron¹s research into “psychic driving” and “deep sleep”(12).


However that year the CIA was now encroaching on psychic territory, telepathy specifically, such as Mk Ultra Subproject 136 of 23 August 1961 alluded to in Kress’ paper:


1. The purpose of this project is to support the research of (name redacted) an “Experimental Analysis of Extrasensory Perception”. A proposal describing his research activities is attached.

2. (Name redacted) research effort is moving beyond the question of whether the phenomenon, extrasensory perception (ESP) exists. He is attempting to approach the twin question of what the functional relationship between other personality factors and ESP skills , and what are the factors that must be considered in using ESP as a method of communication. Any positive results along these lines would have an obvious utility for the Agency (Emphasis mine)(13).


The redacted name and institution was very likely Stephen I. Abrams, the Director of the Parapsychological Laboratory, directly referenced in Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal Review and Conclusions(14).


This “obvious utility” could be a double edged sword. As a one security officer is quoted to say after a Remote Viewing demonstration ³Hell there¹s no security left! (15).

Scanning by Coordinates


Remote Viewing¹s genus according to Swann in his on line book Remote Viewing The Real Story(16) was at the American Society of Psychical Research in New York city. A venerable institute of psychic research established in 1885 by such luminaries as William James Professor of Philosophy and Harvard Psychologist and Chestor Carlson inventor of the Xerox(17).


According to Swann after becoming bored with their clinical approach and in order to break the monotony and “burn out” he was experiencing convinced them, that instead of using Zener cards to use actual geographical targets as an impromptu test of psychic ability , in this case randomly selected US cities then having him describe the weather conditions at these locations. Many targets were selected and confirmed by calling the Weather Bureau of each city but the most spectacular hit occured when the monitor called out Tucson Arizona and Swann replied:

“Am over a wet highway, buildings nearby and in the distance. The wind is blowing. It’s cold. And it is raining hard.”

“That’s it! Tucson’s having a fucking big rainstorm,(18)”

which turned out to be true, Tucson at that exact moment was experiencing such a meteorological anomaly.


Also at ASPR, we have the progenitor of what would become known as the Outbounder Experiments at SRI, with Vera Feldman acting as the “beacon” , later known as Outbounder at SRI and the target location being the Museum of Natural History:

Swann – 2/22/72 – Responses (taken from record) First Museum Trip

10:35 AM – She’s there already.

(FEEDBACK: Unexpected, approximate time of arrival correct.)

10:45 AM – I think she’s in a room that’s round with a hallway and a flight of stairs to the south. There are large paintings on the wall.

(Almost correct. Vera was in a large octagon-shaped room. The walls were lined with glassed exhibits of monkeys and so forth – but the specimens were displayed against very large backdrop paintings. I didn’t discriminate between the painted backdrop display and the specimens just in front of them.)

10:50 AM – She’s in a large room that is darkened. There are lots of animals.

(Correct. She was in one of the great Animal Exhibit Halls, which were darkened.)

10:55 AM – I guess that must be a long corridor and there is a telephone booth nearby.

(Correct. Vera was a little behind her schedule, and at 10:55 was rushing through a long corridor. She first said that there was no telephone booth. But when we later I went to the museum to photograph the targets for the record, there was not a telephone booth there. But there WAS a telephone hanging on the wall near a doorway.

I was particularly pleased with this one result. It consisted of a telephone I had seen, but which Vera had not. This, then, was NOT telepathy, but a traveling form of clairvoyance proper. This meant I was scanning the surroundings, not Vera herself, or her own impressions. THIS aspect was to be extremely important in the years ahead when doing operational sites for you-know-who.)


Of course by “you know who” Swann is referring to our friends on the dark side in Langley wrapped in the Saran Wrap transparent “cover” of  “east coast scientist”(19). The experiment continues:

11:00 AM – That’s the room with the dinosaurs in it.

(Correct. Vera was in a room with big dinosaur bones.)

11:05 AM – I see something red. Maybe it’s a series of stones of some sort. That one seems confused, whatever it is. Lots of cases filled with things.

³(Correct. Prior to the Museum’s later construction of more dramatic displays for its gemstone collections, the stones had been placed in dozens of large glassed-over cases in a tremendous room. Other larger crystals and stones, some of them very large, were displayed without glass and separately or in large collections.)

11:10 AM – I guess she’s outside on the steps. There are steps anyway.

(This was an apparent miss, although Vera said she was thinking about how to get out of the Museum.)(20).



As you can see the outbounder method or the use of a beacon would be of limited value in espionage. First you¹d have to insert an agent into hostile territory a considerable feat in itself according to Joseph Trento (21) and Victor Marchetti (22) it had never been done with any success against their primary target the USSR, then they would have to find their way to a sensitive military or research facility. Any one that¹s ever had a hankering to check out Groom Lake may be familiar with term “Deadly Force”, but let¹s say our agent is a real James Bond and actually does infiltrate the facility. It is likely that a Minox camera would probably more useful than a psychic at this point.


However Outbounding had its uses in convincing skeptics, some who became true believers themselves after acting as Remote Viewers in Outbound experiments and also because the targets could easily be judged and verified (23).


Remote Viewing by location had its draw back as well. Even an astral traveller riding on some kind of extraterrestrial ultra-dimensional highway is still going to require some kind of road map.


Swann attributes that cartography to computer scientist Jacque Vallee more famous as an aficionado of Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon who suggested the idea of addresses, which in the strictest cybernetic sense is a location for data, each with a unique identifying number assigned to it much like a home address(24).


It was after this recommendation that Swann says that he came up with the idea of using geographical coordinates. This procedure became known as Scanning by Coordinates and was given project name Scanate by the CIA(25).


As an aside its interesting to note that true to the computerized analogy of out of body perception, it was found that when Coordinated Remote Viewing was transferred to INSCOM that encrypted coordinates seemed to work just as well (26).

The Stanford Research Institute


Swann’s encounter with the esteemed UFOlogist Jacques Vallee was not merely by chance. If one is a believer of what I call Coincidencology both men by happy happenstance happened to be in the periphery of the Stanford Research Institute, located in Menlo Park California.


Next to the famous Rand Corporation, SRI is the biggest “think tank” on the West Coast, probably the reason for Vallee’s presence wasn¹t UFO related but likely had to do with R & D of the ARPAnet(27).


The reason Swann was there we are told was that Harold better known as Hal Puthoff, had requested a demonstration of his psychic ability.


Puthoff himself had received funding through Science Unlimited Research out of San Antonio Texas a possible cutout for the CIA, much like the Human Ecology Fund (28) owned by millionaire Frank Church Jr owner of the Church’s Chicken Franchise(29).

Harold Puthoff is another interesting character amongst an interesting caste of characters bound by a common thread. A Quantum Physicist, who with his research assistant Russell Targ developed the tuneable laser and also contributed theories on tachyons (particles that allegedly move faster than light). Even more interesting is the fact that Puthoff was a former employee of the super secret NSA(30).


It was Puthoff, who with the assistance of Swann gave Kress the following demonstration of psychokinetics or PK:


In April of 1972, Targ met with CIA personnel from the Office of Strategic Intelligence (OSI) and discussed the subject of paranormal abilities. Targ revealed that he had contacts with people who purported to have seen and documented some Soviet investigations of psychokinesis. Films of Soviets moving inanimate objects by “mental powers” were made available to analysts from OSI. They, in turn, contacted personnel from the Office of Research and Development (ORD) and OTS. An ORD Project Officer then visited Targ who had recently joined the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Targ proposed that some psychokinetic verification investigations could be done at SRI in conjunction with Puthoff.


These proposals were quickly followed by a laboratory demonstration. A man was found by Targ and Puthoff who apparently had psychokinetic abilities. He was taken on a surprise visit to a superconducting shielded magnetometer being used in quark (high energy particle) experiments by Dr. A. Hebbard of Stanford University Physics Department. The quark experiment required that the magnetometer be as well shielded as technology would allow. Nevertheless, when the subject placed his attention on the interior of the magnetometer, the output signal was visibly disturbed, indicating a change in the internal magnetic field. Several other correlations of his mental efforts with signal variations were observed. These variations were never seen before or after the visit. The event was summarized and transmitted to the Agency in the form of a letter to an OSI analyst and as discussions with OTS and ORD officers(31).


Though the demonstration was impressive. Kress had doubts about turning Swann over to the “Dark Side” . As noted in Secret Reflections(32), however there was a third member who was more than willing to be a contracted Company psychic asset.

Pat Price ,The Third Man

The late Pat Price is probably considered one of the most famous naturally talented Remote Viewers. A former Police Commissioner for Burbank California, who had semi retired to Lake Tahoe to raise Christmas Trees and sold them in the bay area, which according to legend is where he met Swann with Puthoff, whom he had met earlier at a lecture(33).


Ingo Swann, was originally targeted with the coordinates to the following site, however according to Jim Schnabel¹s book Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America¹s Psychic Spies, Price had called Puthoff on the phone telling him that he too had empathic ability, so Puthoff gave Price the coordinates as well as a test (34).


What occurred is described in Kress¹ article:


During the summer of 1973, SRI continued working informally with an OSI officer on a remote viewing experiment which eventually stimulated more CIA-sponsored investigations of parapsychology. The target was a vacation property in the eastern United States. The experiment began with the passing of nothing more than the geographic coordinates of the vacation property to the SRI physicists who, in turn, passed them to the two subjects, one of whom was Pat Price. No maps were permitted, and the subjects were asked to give an immediate response of what they remotely viewed at these coordinates. The subject came back with descriptions which were apparent misses. They both talked about a military-like facility. Nevertheless, a

striking correlation of the two independent descriptions was noted. The correlation caused the OSI officer to drive to the site and investigate in more detail.


To the surprise of the OSI officer, he soon discovered a sensitive government installation a few miles from the vacation property. This discovery led to a request to have Price provide information concerning the interior workings of this particular site. All the data produced by the two subjects were reviewed in CIA and the Agency concerned.


The evaluation was, as usual, mixed. Pat Price, who had no military or intelligence background, provided a list of project titles associated with current and past activities including one of extreme sensitivity. Also, the codename of the site was provided. Other information concerning the physical layout of the site was accurate. Some information, such as the names of the people at the site, proved incorrect.


These experiments took several months to be analyzed and reviewed within the Agency. Now Mr. Colby was DCI, and the new directors of OTS and ORD were favorably impressed by the data(35).


The codename was Haystack a satellite interrogation facility in Sugar Grove Virginia at the time one of the NSA¹s most secret Sigint complex¹s(36) .


Not only was the OTS suitably impressed but all those involved in this little Remote Viewing exercise were investigated by counterintelligence to find out if any one had leaked this information to them (37)!

Price seemed to have exceptional ability as a Remote Viewer, however he also had a tendency to be more unconventional than Swann, who restricted his out of body voyages to terrestrial and even extraterrestrial targets that could be easily verified as we shall see, while Price had a fascination with the UFO enigma particularly alleged underground bases, as did many of the Military Remote Viewers later on according to Jim Marrs(38).


There seems to be a symbiotic relationship here between Unexplained Aerial Phenomena and remote viewing or psychic phenomena in general. Probably due to the milieu involved, that even a superficial study reveals(39).


Again another contentious battlefield in the battle lines drawn between the ³skeptics² and the ³believers², but even more controversial is the area of religion, a virtual no mans land!


The Nexus Between Religion and Remote Viewing


It is counterintuitive to suggest that many sciences are derived from mysticism or religion. However,one obvious example is the science of astronomy, as any astrologer knows and any astronomer tries to evade (40). Another is nuclear physics and chemistry derived directly from Alchemy (41).


There are still scientists who continue  believe that earth is the center of the universe, as far as sentient life is concerned, which is pretty much in accord with the view of the Church prior to Copernicus(42).


Though it may be disputed that Remote Viewing is a scientific or to others a pseudo-scientific technique. There is no dispute that it is based at least in part on religion.


My allusion earlier to a common thread is also noted by Steven Aftergood spokesman for the Federation of American Scientists on security and intelligence issues:


The initial research program, called SCANATE [scan by coordinate] was funded by CIA beginning in 1970. Remote viewing research began in 1972 at the Stanford Research Institute [SRI] in Menlo Park, CA. This work was conducted by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, once with the NSA and at the time a Scientologist. The effort initially focused on a few “gifted individuals” such as New York artist Ingo Swann, an OT Level VII Scientologist. Many of the SRI “empaths” were from the Church of Scientology(43).


In fact Ingo Swann considered the father of Coordinate Remote Viewing published a paper Scientological Techniques: A Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration which he presented to the First Psychotronic Congress in Prague in 1973(44).

Techniques developed by the founder of religion of Scientology ,L Ron Hubbard (45). Hubbard himself is an interesting character, a writer of many genres but best known as a science fiction writer, who himself dabbled in the occult acting as scribe for Jack Parsons¹ Babalon Working (46). Some time after this writing a popular text explaining a cognitive therapeutic procedure he calls Dianetics(47) based in part on Freudian analysis according to a lecture giving a historical background of the subject(48) and what would later be called Scientology(49).


Coincidentally, although Hubbard does not claim to be a contactee like Van Tassel and Admanski in an interesting lecture giving in 1952 called The Role of Earth, he talks about underground UFO bases. One in particular in the Pyrenees(50). An area where the Price claimed one was as well(51).


In The Journal of Scientology Issue 23-G 15 January 1954 Hubbard describes Scientology as “the science of knowing how to know”(52), yet that same year a J Burton Farber of Glendale California incorporates the subject as a religion, causing some consternation of its members according to the Compleat Aberree a satirical magazine published by two Scientologists by the name of Alphia and Agnes Hart Issue 1 Volume 1:

The news was received with mixed emotions. Some were outspokenly antagonistic to the idea. Some who’d nursed the glories of self-determinism since Book One couldn’t subscribe to the new idea that the best way to win is to BECOME the enemy(53).


A controversy that still rages today.


However, Scientology is said to address the spirit or in Scientologese the “thetan”. In the early 1950¹s most techniques were directed toward exteriorization what parapsychologists refer to as OBE or Out of Body Experiences called astral projection in eastern philosophies(52).


The purpose of these techniques is to achieve Operating Thetan which according to The Journal of Scientology Issue 24-G written 31 January 1954 ³means that the person does not need a body to communicate or work.²(54)


One of particular interest appears in the publication Creation of Human Ability published in 1954 known as the ³Grand Tour²:


The commands of the Grand Tour are as follows: “Be near Earth”, “Be near the Moon”, “Be near the Sun”, “Earth”, “Moon”, “Sun”, giving the last three commands many times. Each time the auditor must wait until the preclear signifies that he has completed the command. The preclear is supposed to move near these bodies or simply be near them, it does not matter which(55).


What the above exposes is an obvious linkage between Scientology and  Remote Viewing?


Many such exercises or processes later became part of the OT Levels or the Advanced Courses(56), which Puthoff, Swann and Price were all graduates of, at the time.

Swann in particular at the time attributed his abilities as a psychic and Remote Viewer.


Yet some time after the US Government became involved in remote viewing, these same courses were no longer being offered to the general public. Having been replaced by ³New² OT levels(57).


The “Grand Tour” Reprised 


Prior to 1979 the idea that Jupiter like her sister Saturn was surrounded by rings, was against conventual scientific “wisdom”. Pioneer 10 could neither confirm nor deny their existence since it was unable to transmit images and it wasn’t until Voyager 1 flew by that visual evidence of these Jovian rings became quit evident yet back in 1973 Ingo Swann’s had conducted his own psychic fly by:

Report dated: April 27, 1973

Swann | Jupiter probe

Experiment 46

No big sharp noises for the next 1/2 hour please.

6:03:25 (3 seconds fast) There’s a planet with stripes.

6:04:13 I hope it’s Jupiter. I think that it must have an extremely large hydrogen mantle. If a space probe made contact with that, it would be maybe 80,000 – 120,000 miles out from the planet surface.

6:06 So I’m approaching it on the tangent where I can see it’s a half moon, in other words half lit half dark. If I move around to the lit side it’s distinctly yellow toward the right. (Hal – Which direction you had to move?)

6:06:20 Very high in the atmosphere there are crystals, they glitter, maybe the stripes are like bands of crystals, maybe like rings of Saturn, though not far out like that, very close within the atmosphere. [“Note”: see sketch of ring in the raw data drawing ahead.] (Unintelligible sentence.) I bet you they’ll reflect radio probes. Is that possible if you had a cloud of crystals that were assaulted by different radio waves? (Hal – That’s right.)

6:08:00 Now I’ll go down through. It feels really good there (laugh). I said that before, didn’t I? Inside those cloud layers, those crystal layers, they look beautiful from the outside, from the inside they look like rolling gas clouds – eerie yellow light, rainbows.

6:10:20 I get the impression, thought I don’t see, that it’s liquid. 6:10:55 Then I came through the cloud cover, the surface it looks like sand dunes. They’re made of very large grade crystals so they slide. Tremendous winds sort of like maybe the prevailing winds of earth, but very close to the surface of Jupiter. From that view the horizon looks orangish or rose-colored but overhead it’s kind of greenish-yellow.

6:12:35 If I look to the right there is an enormous mountain range.

6:13:18 If I’m giving a description of where I’ve gone and am, it would be approximately where Alaska is if the sun were directly overhead which it is. The sun looks like it has a green corona, seems smaller to me. (Hal – What color is the sun?) White.

6:14:45 I feel that there’s liquid somewhere. Those mountains are very huge but they still don’t poke up through the crystal cloud cover. You know I had a dream once something like this where the cloud cover was a great arc, sweeps over the entire heaven. Those grains which make that sand orange are quite large. They have a polished surface and they look something like amber or like obsidian but they’re yellowish and not as heavy. The wind blows them, they slide along.

6:16:37 If I turn, the whole thing seems enormously flat. I mean if I get the feeling that if a man stood on those sands I think he would sink into them (laugh); maybe that’s where that liquid feeling comes from.

6:18:10 I see something that looks like a tornado. Is there a thermal inversion here? I bet there is. I bet you that the surface of Jupiter will give a very high infrared count (?), reading (?) (Hal – reading) (inaudible sentence). The heat is held down.

6:19:55 I seem to be stuck, not moving. I’ll move more towards the equator. I get the impression that that must be a band of crystals similar to the outer ones, kind of bluish. They seem to be sort of in orbit, permanent orbit down through another layer farther down which are like our clouds but moving fast. There’s another area: liquid like water. Looks like it’s got icebergs in it but they’re not icebergs.

6:22:20 Tremendous wind. It’s colder here, maybe it’s because there’s not a thermal inversion there.

6:23:25 I’m back. OK. (Hal – very interesting.)

The atmosphere of Jupiter is very thick. I mean … (Ingo draws) … Explanation of drawing: This is what appears to be a hydrogen mantle about 100,000 miles off the surface. Those here are bands of crystals, kind of elements. They’re pretty close to the surface. And beneath those are layers of clouds or what seem to be prevailing winds. Beneath that is the surface which I saw was, well, it looked like shifting sands made out of some sort of slippery granulated stuff. And off in the distance, I guess, to the East was a very high mountain chain 30,000 feet or so, quite large mountains. I feel these crystals will probably bounce radio waves. They’re that type.

Generally, that’s all.(58)


According to Jim Marrs many of the Military Remote Reviewers created an “enigma file”, much of it dealing with extraterrestrial phenomena what many would consider “science fiction”, however as many writers and readers of speculative fiction know(59). Sometimes fiction becomes fact and in many cases fact is stranger than fiction.


The same could be said about the following spy thriller.

The Mole


Inside CIA’s Top Secret Project Scanate was a “mole”, not a foreign agent sent by the KGB, though it is possible that the Mossad had a man on the inside by the name of Uri Geller. One who by his own admission was involved in Israeli Intelligence prior to his testing at SRI(59).


Another organization was involved in its own Intelligence operation against the US Government. An account accurately summarized by the late investigative journalist Omar Garrison in his book Playing Dirty the Secret War Against Beliefs(60).


What wasn’t known then was that Pat Price was part of this covert op run against the CIA and other Government Agencies. Again according to Kress in an addendum to Parapsychology in Intelligence:


In the late 1970s,several years after the project was terminated, I got a secure line call from a person who identified himself as an FBI agent. He suggested that I should be prepared for a spate of publicity about the remote viewings of Pat Price. Pat had died a few years before and I was surprised that somebody had leaked in-formation about these defunct activities.The FBI agent proceeded to explain that Pat Price was a member of an organization that was recently raided for documents indicative of illegal activity.The organization was vigorously resisting the government investigation but the raid produced hundreds of files and papers that supported the government¹s allegations. These documents were now in the public domain as part of the discovery process in the legal proceedings.


One such file included debriefings of Pat Price about his CIA remote viewing projects. The debriefings were a detailed record of the intelligence objectives I had given Pat and results that Pat provided to me. The files revealed the meeting places as well as all the names of those present. My esteem instantly rose for my colleagues who had used first names only with all meetings with Pat! As the file made clear, Pat, who had signed an official secrecy agreement,would immediately go to his superior in the organization after sessions with me and divulge everything. As far as I know, the documents were never read by anybody who publicized them and the organization never used them(61).²


Of course the “organization” in question was the Church of Scientology’s Guardian’s Office. No discovery was attempted since those charged with espionage against the US Government pled Nolo Contentre based on a Stipulation of Evidence which delicately side stepped the issue of “Methods and Sources”. An issue the US Government was diligently avoiding when the Church had sought legal remedies earlier, against what they claimed were unconstitutional harassment and surveillance(62).

As we now know the Church of Scientology was one of many “subversive” organizations that were being “investigated” by the FBI in a broad program known as COINTELPRO(63).


However, it seems in this case the Guardian’s Office turned the tables on the watchers by launching a counterintelligence program of their own(64).


Meanwhile as armed Federal Agents were storming the citadels of the Scientology Organization in Washington and Los Angeles. The US Government¹s psychic spying program based in part at least on the works of L Ron Hubbard, became Gondola Wish, when it joined the Army(65).


Gill Flame Heats Up



Again according to Steven Aftergood of FAS:


Building on GONDOLA WISH, an operational collection project was formalized under Army intelligence as GRILL FLAME in mid-1978. Located in buildings 2560 and 2561 at Fort Meade, MD, GRILL FLAME, (INSCOM “Detachment G”) consisted of soldiers and a few civilians who were believed to possess varying degrees of natural psychic ability. The SRI research program was integrated into GRILL FLAME in early 1979, and hundreds of remote viewing experiments were carried out at SRI through 1986.(66)²


Much of this operational data is still highly classified, however in an interview conducted by Tom Snyder on Joe McMoneagle one of the most gifted of INSCOM¹s remote viewers February 1st, 1996:

Joe: One of the amazing things about remote viewing is the specific targets that they’re probably most accurate with, are high energy type targets, or targets that have high energy chain state. And uh, nuclear material has that kind of energy. And historically we’ve always done very, very well with nuclear targets. So in this age of the attempts for venting the proliferation of nuclear weapons, or the spread of nuclear material, remote viewing could provide a substantial help for that.

Tom: You say we’ve had remarkable success, could you give us an example of something that’s come from remote imaging that’s turned out to be truly useful information that has helped us in terms of our national security?

Joe: Oh sure, in one case we were targeting a building, that was a very large building in the northern part of the USSR. And, no one knew what was going on inside the building. And targeting that building, I drew out a drawing of a submarine, I described its uh (canad) tubes, how many tubes it had, a large flat area on the rear deck, described it as a large submarine, and it was a new Typhoon Class Submarine. We were able to predict when it was actually going to be rolled out of the building, and in that way they were able to target other collection systems.

Tom: And all this you did doing remote viewing?

Joe: Yes, from Virginia.(67)²


The inherent difficulty with RV or Remote Viewing is that it required objectivity and confirmation, although all the above examples given were amazingly correct. What was termed the “eight martini result” much of the information was incorrect and in many cases just plain wrong, subject to what Swann called AOL, for Analytical Overlay. A situation where the Remote Viewer describes what he thinks he sees.



To remedy this Swann began to develop a step by step method for remote viewing and personally began to train remote viewers. However many in the military began to believe the program was too hot to handle because its results were too unpredictable. Some, fearing professional ostracism from their colleges even when they used the product, would attribute to another source.


Thus Grill Flame was terminated, however the program was resurrected by General Stubblebine as Center Lane, going from the frying pan into the fire(68).

Spoon Bender


General Albert Stubblebine was a maverick a promoter of the ³New Army², very much into New Age philosophies. He had acquired the moniker “Spoon Bender” for throwing parties where the revelers would psychically bend silver ware(69).


It would be counterintuitive to suggest that his support wasn’t salutary because even though many considered Remote Viewing to be a ³pseudo science². It was one of the few psychic abilities that had some semblance of scientific method applied under strict research protocols(70).

Stubblebine wanted to incorporate it with other new age methods. One in particular was Robert Munroe¹s Hemi-Sync method of producing altered states, which was part of his “Gateway Voyage”. A program which for the Army became known as RAPT for Rapid Advance Personal Training.


Aside from this was that many were tasking remote viewers with predicting the future and being involved in search problems, locating lost personal or in dowsing operations, which occasionally produced startling results, but in most cases burned out remote viewers.


Eventually, minor incident that occurred at the Monroe Institute involving an enlisted man who was mentally unstable, gave Stubblebine¹s more conservative enemies the ammunition they needed to force his retirement.


Now with out Stubblebine¹s support it looked as if god himself was the only one who could save the program.


Well not quite, though Swann referred to him as the “Super God in the Sky”. He was actually the powerful head of the DIA¹s of Scientific and Technical Intelligence Directorate(71).

Jack Vorona

There is probably only two others in the Intelligence Community that welded as much power. One was probably Louis Tordella of Vice Director of the NSA(72) in the late sixties and early seventies and Albert “Bud” Wheelon of the CIA¹s Directorate of Science and Technology(73) in the mid sixties.


He saw something in the Remote Viewing program and was quite happy to have it if no one else wanted it, but by then it was on life support and though it still had customers who consumed its product. It was suffering from political interference from various quarters and inner tension.


Sun Streak and eventually Star Gate never really got off the ground as operational programs. Many of the original remote viewers had retired Coordinated Remote Viewing was replaced by Channeling and Tarot Card reading followed by an internal revolt by civilians who wanted to place the program under the control of the CIA.


The problem was that the CIA didn’t seem to want it!


However, instead of merely saying thanks but no thanks. The CIA requested an evaluation of the program by the American Institute of Research or AIR(74).


The American Institute of Research¹s Report on the Remote Viewing seemed good enough for government work. Much like the Cordon report an earlier report requested by the CIA on Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon, which despite the contrary evidence concluded that UFOs did not in fact exist and were in reality merely mental phenomena(75).


Needless to say an interesting conclusion, since it was the US Government itself who first coined the abbreviation which is commonly used in such controversial documents as JANAP 146 and various others compiled and researched by Richard Dolan in his book UFOs and the National Security State Part I(76).

Probably to avoid falling into the same trap of presenting such an obviously biased report. Jessica Utts a statisticition from UC Davis concluded:


It is clear to this author that anomalous cognition is possible and has been demonstrated. This conclusion is not based on belief, but rather on commonly accepted scientific criteria. The phenomenon has been replicated in a number of forms across laboratories and cultures.(77)

The conclusion and full report is still available at her personal website and the UC Davis as well, was counterbalanced against proclaimed skeptic and member of CSICOP Ray Hyman¹s expected conclusion that “I wouldn’t believe it even if it were true”.

A report he for some reason withdrew from his own website:

In it he says:

The challenge to parapsychology, if it hopes to convincingly claim the discovery of anomalous cognition, is to go beyond the demonstration of significant effects. The parapsychologists need to achieve the ability to specify conditions under which one can reliably witness their alleged phenomenon. They have to show that they can generate lawful relationships between attributes of this alleged phenomenon and independent variables. They have to be able to specify boundary conditions that will enable us to detect when anomalous cognition is and is not present(78).

This seems to suggest that parapsychologists actually go beyond the scientific method of merely demonstrating the existence of a phenomenon and going to the three other needed steps(79).


In other words not only do “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” but they should be subjected to “extraordinary demands” as well that go beyond the scientific method!


Prior to this he admits his bias by stating:

Our evaluation will focus on the 10 experiments conducted at SAIC. These are the most recent in the program as well as the only ones for which we have adequate documentation.

He admits lack of  “adequate documentation” from the earlier experiments. Yet despite his admission that he lacks a complete data set to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of the program but this doesn’t stop him from averring that:

“The earlier SRI research on remote viewing suffered from methodological inadequacies.”

One could ask that unless Hyman was psychic how would he know this? Since he was never privy to this information or so he says.

Also he never bothers delineate these “inadequacies” . What he basically does is pull the old “debunk” joker out of the deck by merely saying Remote Viewing has been “debunked” because he says that it is.


Thus one can only conclude that Dr. Hyman conclusions are either a priori and therefore biased or he was able by some psychic means of divination to determine that all earlier methodology at SRI was inadequate, with out actual physical evidence.


Finally, he displays the typical dismissive attitude, which has become the trademark of many so called ³skeptics² by stating:

“Another reason for concentrating upon this more recent set of experiments is the limited time frame allotted for this evaluation.”(75)²

That¹s right “nothing to see here folks, so let’s move along”.


No wonder the parapsychologists call them ³PSI Cops²!


Even more telling is the fact that Hyman¹s report is no longer available on the World Wide Web at its original location and can only be found Joe McMoneagle¹s website with the following introduction:

This document, for over two years, was hosted on the University of Oregon web server. In Autumn of 1998 it was no longer available through that source. This paper is part of a group of papers, all related to the same very public and very controversial report. It would be a form of bias to make the other papers available when this one is not. Since this document is no longer available via link from Dr. Hyman’s university, we are providing a locally hosted copy for review(80).²


One could ask why it was taken down by Hyman¹s alma mater? But that would only lead to speculation.


Of course Edwin May* had the documented evidence of AIR¹s own inadequacies when he made his scathing rebuttal summarized in his following conclusions :

It is impossible for me to prove whether or not the CIA determined the outcome of the investigation before it began. What is obvious, however, is that the evaluation domain of the research and particularly the operations were restricted to preclude positive findings. The CIA did not contact or ignored people who possessed critical knowledge of the program, including some end-users of the intelligence data. Investigators were chosen who either had previously published conclusions or who possessed a serious potential for a conflict of interest. With the exception of the significantly flawed National Research Council’s review, all the DOD previous evaluations of the research and intelligence applications were ignored. I am forced to conclude that either the AIR investigators were not competent to conduct a proper review of such a complex program-a view to which I do not subscribe or they knew exactly what they were doing; they wanted to demonstrate a lack of intelligence utility for anomalous cognition. They did so by construction rather than by careful analysis.(81)


Of course much of what the CIA does can¹t be proven out right, being a secret and highly secretive Agency(82).

According to former DCI Richard Helms “the first rule of keeping secrets is ‘nothing on paper’”(83).²


If it is mistakenly written down then as The Onion¹s satirical head line proclaims the CIA Realizes It’s Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years(84).

We are also told publicly that the AIR report “proved” that remote viewing had no operational value(85). Much like the Warren Commission Report “proved” that Oswald acted alone(86), which has led many researchers to belief that the program merely went “deeper black”.


Not just speculation or “conspiracy theory” but actual documented evidence suggests, that is evidence that hasn’t been obliterated by a “highlighter” or a shredder “mistaken” for a photo copy machine, that the CIA has lurked behind the occasional corporate logo or in clandestine jargon “propriety”. Making the Agency one of the few USG entities that actually makes makes a profit according to ex spook Victor Marchetti who with John Marks coauthored The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence(87).


Of course this doesn¹t prove that the following is a CIA Propriety. It is merely something to consider.

As we look at PSI Tech.

*Edwin May succeeded Hal Puthoff at SRI in the mid eighties.

Remote Viewing Incorporated

PSI Tech opens its doors to the public in 1989, six years before much of the program is declassified and therefore still classified as a Top Secret special access program under Advanced Concepts in the DIA. The reason they give for this breech of security according to their website:


PSI TECH had its beginnings in the covert world of military intelligence. The company was created in 1989 by a few renegade officers in a top secret military intelligence unit who risked their careers to transfer this classified technology into the private sector. Those individuals knew that when the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Remote Viewing Operational Unit lost its funding that this ground breaking technology would be lost forever. PSI TECH was formed to prevent the loss and to secure its subsistence. Several highly placed government individuals chose to look the other way, thus, helping to usher Remote Viewing and PSI TECH into the private sector(88).²


Of course in the murky world of intelligence nothing is what it appears to be. Here we are treated to the mythology that heroic “renegade officers” revealed “sources and methods”(89), considered a cardinal sin tantamount to treason in National Security circles, while (s)everal (unnamed ) highly placed government individuals” benignly “chose to look the other way”.


Another interesting character makes his appearance, a Captain Ed Dames who left the program after Center Lane, founded PSI Tech after transferring back to INSCOM when the program came under the DIA and hired several military remote viewers still in the unit as subcontractors. Despite such questionable activities Dames is promoted to Major before retiring(90).


One year later General Albert “Spoon Bender” Stubblebine now Vice president for BDM Corp a defense contractor(87), jumps on Board as the Chairman and the following year they are contracted to remote view Iraq for Bio Weapons by the UN inspection team.


The year after Dames retires from the Army quoting directly from the source Joni Dourif current president of PSI Tech:

Dale Graff (head of the RV Project DIA)  takes PSI TECH issue to DIA high council with intent to shut it down. Council won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. (Note: Consider the irony of team members being more valuable to National Security outside the service, than inside.)(91)²


Actually, not ironic at all when you look at the past history of the symbiosis between corporations and intelligence.Shamrock and the more recent NSA spy scandal involving AT&T should serve as an example(92)


What follows is basically a RV reunion with Ingo Swann acting as a consultant as he did for SRI and Military Intelligence.


By 1994 PSI Tech becomes a going concern with “private” corporate contracts and government projects, which is just one year before the CIA decides to axe Star Gate.


After this PSI Tech begins selling courses in Remote Viewing and Instructional videos(93).


At this point you feasibly have a fully operational Remote Viewing unit with Remote Viewers who have high security clearances, hiding in plain sight and actually making money!

A historical precedence out lined exceptionally well in Joseph Trento¹s recent book (94).



This history is basically a brief outline of Remote Viewing. A history I feel is still feel is being written.


The conclusions I draw are my own.


Does the process work?


Again I let the reader decide.

Robin Adair

10194 Words

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The First Remote Viewing Experiment—Documented | Chalet Reports

Source: The First Remote Viewing Experiment—Documented | Chalet Reports

Remote Viewing Incorporated

It’s not unusual that highly classified technology would eventually into the public domain. An example is the one time top secret technology of Nuclear Fission being used for the generation of electrical power. Another one is the medium you are currently reading this article through i.e. the Internet which at one time was a secret project funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency or ARPA now known as DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Projects formerly known as the ARPAnet.

What is unusual is that Remote Viewing would be offered to the public while it was still considered a Top Secret Special Access Program or SAP when in 1989 PSITech is incorporated in New Mexico. Not only offering Remote Viewing but training in its techniques to the public in general before the technology was eventually was declassified by CIA in 1995.

A move led by Major Ed Dames later joined by General Albert Stubblebine and Colonel John Alexander.

Yet it seems no charges were brought against any of the above individuals involved in leaking what at the time was considered a Top Secret Program which required Special Access to the general public. In fact to the contrary the above individuals made appearances on various talk shows including Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM talking about the efficaciousness of Remote Viewing not just in perceiving remotely but also in predicting the future.

Interesting that this release of Remote Viewing would coincide with the public’s increased access of the nascent internet and that various Remote Viewing websites and bulletin boards would be popping up in cyberspace. Especially those sites and BBSes that dealt with the paranormal and UFOs. Those areas normally considered “the fringe”.

We go back to one of the original Remote Viewers Paul H Smith who was involved in the original Inscom efforts at Remote Viewing which followed a very definite and stringent protocols developed at the Stanford Research Institute then later according to him in his book Reading the Enemy’s Mind when the program was placed under the auspices of the Defense Intelligence Agency those protocols were completely abandoned along with the general effectiveness of Remote Viewing.

And it was at this time that Remote Viewing or what was called “Remote Viewing” was broadly released to the general public.

One can see an interesting parallel in the public’s interest in UFOs. In the early 1970’s researchers were requesting various files that show that the Government was intrigued by the subject and had actually scrambled jet fighters to chase them after they had been tracked either by radar or seen by qualified observers while duplicitously dismissing any validity to the aerial phenomenon known as UFOs to the public as the manifestations of “swamp gas” or the observer confusing the object with the planet Venus.

A view that was contradicted by declassified reports that show conclusively that the Government actually secretly at least took the phenomenon seriously.

A view that was paralleled when Remote Viewing was first demonstrated to CIA back in the early 1970’s. Yet over two decades later when the program was eventually returned to CIA they say it had no operational value after conducting a hasty “study” by the American Institute for Research which only included research on Remote Viewing after it was transferred to DIA and did not include its earlier successes under CIA’s control and Inscom.

Again we go back to the subject of UFOs. Just as researchers were striking gold through the freedom of information act there was a broad release of what were called the Majestic 12 documents. Actually alleged “documents” that were recorded on microfilm obviously so they couldn’t properly verified “proving” a vast conspiracy between the Government and Aliens.

Tending to muddy the waters of UFO research much like the broad release of Remote Viewing may have done.

Remote Viewing Joins the Army


According to Kenneth Kress, CIA’s direct involvement with Remote Viewing ended with the death of Pat Price.

However this did not end the Government’s interest in the phenomenon. In  1977  CIA’s project Scanate is transferred to the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (Inscom) under the new classified sobriquet Gondola Wish.

Expanding on its Scientology roots psychic Ingo Swann becomes a consultant and is credited with writing the definitive manual on Remote Viewing which anyone who has any familiarity with the subject of Scientology employs many of its techniques which includes making a full clay representation of the target as part of “step VII” given in the manual.

The Army also employs Robert Munroe who has devised a technique or procedure he says produces an out of body state by using stereo headphones incorporating hemi-sync.

According to the theory different tones are generated in each headphone thus causing a binaural effect which creates an altered state. One of them being an OBE or out of body experience.

This was incorporated as part of what became known as RAPT (Rapid Acquisition Personal Training) which included a copper shielded “black box” much like Lilly’s sensory deprivation tank with the exception that the person remained in communication with the outside world via a pair of hemi-sync headphones and a microphone.

Probably the books best to read on this phase of Remote Viewing are those  written by Paul Smith and Joseph McMoneagle.

During this period the Remote Viewing program was run under Detachment G of Inscom and existed under various cryptonyms such as Grill Flame, Center Lane, Sun Streak  and eventually when it was transferred to the DIA as Stargate.

Contrary to CIA’s claim that Remote Viewing was never used operationally it seems according to the two former psychic spies Smith and McMoneagle it was used operationally by various Government Agencies with a great degree of success and some believe its is being continued by these same Agencies.

But before I explore this possibility we will be taking a look at another interesting chapter in the story of remote viewing.

Stay tuned.

The Advanced Levels of Scientology and Their Relationship to Remote Viewing


The Advanced levels of Scientology are those levels or grades above Grade IV which at the time that Remote Viewing was developed in the early 1970’s included Power, Power Plus, R6EW, the Clearing Course and OT I – VII.


I’ve included a screen shot of the actual Grade Chart that was issued at the time which included the alleged ability attained for each one.



The levels above OT III are of particular interest since they include:






After OT VI  one allegedly achieves the “ability to operate freely as a thetan exterior and to act pan-determinedly others; extends the influence of the thetan to the universe of others.”



The author is not suggesting that this is possible merely asking the reader to suspend his or her belief and consider the possibility of a thetan, Hubbard’s word for spirit, being freed from the confines of his or her physical body and allowed to go where thou wilt.


For instance given a coordinate or a random number representing such and then being able to go to that location unhampered by time or distance and accurately report what one perceived in this disembodied state.


Whether this is possible or not. One can see where Harold Puthoff and his friend Ingo Swann may have gotten the idea that Remote Viewing was feasible using whatever abilities they gained or felt they gained from the Advanced Levels of Scientology . 


Though Puthoff has been somewhat reticent about Scientology’s relationship to Remote Viewing. Swann has been vocal about Scientology’s relationship to his psychic abilities in the past even going on record as saying:




“They are solely the result of auditing. Not particularly even the OT Levels.

“I had extremely good gains from lower grades. And some had developed certainly by the time Power Processing took place.

“But steady good control over them, the control I have now — which is not perfect by the way — occurred after the completion of OT III Expanded, and is even better than ever now that I have finished OT VII.

“So they are solely the result of auditing.”


Excerpt from Advance Issue 21 Oct/Nov 1973


Published by the Advanced Organization of the Church of Scientology


Why would he obscure this relationship later on when writing his memoirs?


On the other hand it seems that Harold (Hal) Puthoff himself immediately distanced himself from the subject when he wrote a somewhat long technical treatise in an effort to explain Remote Viewing as a phenomenon connected to Quantum Physics or Mechanics.


Was this an effort on his part to make Remote Viewing  appear or seem more “Scientific” in order to make the phenomenon more acceptable to the orthodox scientific community which as some have suggested has become a religious practice in its own right?


Or was there some more clandestine purpose such as to obfuscate its actual source in order to control access to such information?


In any case.


What is also interesting is that after the Remote Viewing Program got into full swing that the Church of Scientology dropped the above levels into some memory hole and replaced them with newer levels.

Remote Viewing: From Metaphysics to Quantum Physics


The word Metaphysics is derived from a series of dissertations given by Aristotle which came after those he gave on Physics. “Meta”  simply means after or beyond in this case physics and is a word that was coined by Aristotelian scholars centuries after his death.

They couldn’t be included in “Physics” because they were discussions by Aristotle of the abstract of what can not immediately be perceived by the senses and thus beyond physics such as  the “supernatural”, the “paranormal” and what is considered “unexplained phenomenon” or “things that go boomp in the night”.

The “immaterial” as opposed to the “material” in philosophy. What is called dualism.

This includes the realm of what makes consciousness and awareness and the question of :Who or what is it that perceives?

Metaphysics like its close neighbor Parapsychology deal with things that it is not currently possible to accurately or possibly can not be quantified by the usual scientific means because of their subjectivity or abstraction. Therefore they exist outside the boundary of what Immanuel Kant called the “knowable” or at least what can be known objectively with any accuracy.

Like musicians some Remote Viewers seem more talented and capable than others.

Able to produce what some in the Intelligence Community have called the “eight martini result”.

Effort has been made to explain Remote Viewing as a phenomenon similar to “entanglement“, what Einstein called “spooky action from a distance” and other strange phenomena that has been observed in the field of quantum mechanics or physics, by Harold or “Hal” Puthoff the man who along with Russell Targ were the two individuals contracted by CIA to conduct the original research on Remote Viewing.

Both Targ and Puthoff a serious physicists with PHDs to their credit yet like many before them for example Einstein and Newton believed there may be something beyond the physical.

Puthoff in particular who like Ingo Swann was an adherent of the Church of Scientology at the time and had been initiated into the Church’s Advanced Levels which were directed toward the phenomenon of stable exteriorization and being able to operate exclusively outside the body as a spirit or as Scientologists call it a Thetan.

Something the author will explain in the next chapter.

Scientological Techniques: a Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration; Remote Viewing and the Scientology Connection


Ingo Swann is the author of a paper entitled Scientological Techniques: a Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration. Published by the Joint Publications Research Service as Document No. JPRS L/5022-1 and is restricted to “Government Use Only”, yet copies can be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

I’ve included it in the following link:

Ingo Scientological copy

The paper itself was presented at the First International Conference on Psychotronic Research given in Prague Czechoslovakia which was a Warsaw Pact nation at the time circa late 1973 and makes the connection between Scientology Techniques and Remote Viewing.

Swann considered by many to be the “father of remote viewing” passed away earlier this year.

It would be remiss in any discussion of remote viewing to omit Swann’s influence. According to his own ebook Remote Viewing – the Real Story he is the one who personally created the neologism giving the precise date and almost the exact time he suggested the term.

Book itself is very interesting reading however even more interesting is that Swann himself for whatever reason doesn’t mention what he at one time considered a major influence in his own psychic journey and that is Scientology.

Not that this nexus is any secret.

The fact is that a majority of the founding fathers of remote viewing including Ingo Swann with the exception of Russell Targ were high level Scientologists who had reached the level of “Operating Thetan”.

“Thetan” from the Greek letter theta is the word used in Scientology for spirit.

An “operating thetan” is one, who according to Scientology lore, can operate outside the body.

Ingo himself was not only an “OT” a term that is commonly abbreviated but also a Scientology Minister. One who is educated in many of the techniques and procedures used in allegedly (since all things spiritual or dealing with the mind are for the most part subjective) achieving this state.

For some reason as Swann became more of an authority in later years he began to obscure this connection.

Unfortunately since Ingo has kissed Earth goodbye we can not ask him why.

To quote former DCI Stanfield Turner when asked about the late Pat Price:

“He died, and we haven’t heard from him since.”

The Military-Occult Complex



If anything written can make spooks seem spookier it’s W.Adam Mandelbaum’s The Psychic Battlefield.


Mandelbaum a “former” spook himself not only discusses the CIA’s fascination with Remote Viewing but goes into the history behind it and makes the connection between what a former DCI called the Craft of Intelligence and witchcraft. The cult of intelligence and the occult.


Really not too big of a stretch when you consider the etymology of the word occult means to cover or hide. Something spies and spy agencies do all the time.


They also deal in deception and illusion which is an intricate part of magic.


Then of course you have the symbiotic relationship between spooks and secret societies or cults. It explains why many spies belong to or are members of such obscure organizations like the Skull and Bones, the Masons, the Knights of Malta whose connection to the Templar Knights is well known by those who research these dark vineyards.


Secret societies and cults are pretty much the originators of invisible ink and recognition signals. Many incantations are actually codes. A member of one of these occult groups would find the transition to covert world of intelligence a natural step.


The Military has always employed spies to gain intelligence on their enemies and sometimes their allies plans, strategies and tactics.


Much of what Sun Tzu wrote about the use of spies over two millennia ago is still practiced today.


Civilian spy agencies like the CIA seek a political objective or advantage by employing covert warfare either directly, psychologically and in the case of remote viewing psychically.


Despite what the “skeptics“, who many believe are employed by these same agencies, say about all this “hocus pocus” the Intelligence Community, the Military and even many police agencies continue to elicit the help of psychics, covertly of course and without much fanfare.


For instance there is the case of the kidnapped heiress Patricia Hearst and no doubt others.


Duplicity is not an uncommon trait among spies. Taking an allied subject in the field of the Paranormal, UFOs, we see that the CIA set about discrediting the subject through such things as the Robertson Panel while on the other hand maintaining an interest in this unexplained aerial phenomenon themselves.


So highly classified is this fascination and so difficult has been to acquire documents relating to it through the Freedom of Information Act that many of the public believe that there is an actual conspiracy between our Government and aliens.

Add to this the possibility that the agencies themselves have contributed to this belief .

Giving the impression that this is what they want the public to believe.

My personal opinion is there are those in the Government who are just as fascinated about these strange lights in the sky and by the possibility of psychic phenomenon but like the public in general they are just as mystified. They can’t explain why these phenomena occur. Something which is hard for any Government to admit since it detracts from the illusion that they are omniscient and all knowing.