The First Remote Viewing Experiment—Documented | Chalet Reports

Source: The First Remote Viewing Experiment—Documented | Chalet Reports

Remote Viewing Incorporated

It’s not unusual that highly classified technology would eventually into the public domain. An example is the one time top secret technology of Nuclear Fission being used for the generation of electrical power. Another one is the medium you are currently reading this article through i.e. the Internet which at one time was a secret project funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency or ARPA now known as DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Projects formerly known as the ARPAnet.

What is unusual is that Remote Viewing would be offered to the public while it was still considered a Top Secret Special Access Program or SAP when in 1989 PSITech is incorporated in New Mexico. Not only offering Remote Viewing but training in its techniques to the public in general before the technology was eventually was declassified by CIA in 1995.

A move led by Major Ed Dames later joined by General Albert Stubblebine and Colonel John Alexander.

Yet it seems no charges were brought against any of the above individuals involved in leaking what at the time was considered a Top Secret Program which required Special Access to the general public. In fact to the contrary the above individuals made appearances on various talk shows including Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM talking about the efficaciousness of Remote Viewing not just in perceiving remotely but also in predicting the future.

Interesting that this release of Remote Viewing would coincide with the public’s increased access of the nascent internet and that various Remote Viewing websites and bulletin boards would be popping up in cyberspace. Especially those sites and BBSes that dealt with the paranormal and UFOs. Those areas normally considered “the fringe”.

We go back to one of the original Remote Viewers Paul H Smith who was involved in the original Inscom efforts at Remote Viewing which followed a very definite and stringent protocols developed at the Stanford Research Institute then later according to him in his book Reading the Enemy’s Mind when the program was placed under the auspices of the Defense Intelligence Agency those protocols were completely abandoned along with the general effectiveness of Remote Viewing.

And it was at this time that Remote Viewing or what was called “Remote Viewing” was broadly released to the general public.

One can see an interesting parallel in the public’s interest in UFOs. In the early 1970’s researchers were requesting various files that show that the Government was intrigued by the subject and had actually scrambled jet fighters to chase them after they had been tracked either by radar or seen by qualified observers while duplicitously dismissing any validity to the aerial phenomenon known as UFOs to the public as the manifestations of “swamp gas” or the observer confusing the object with the planet Venus.

A view that was contradicted by declassified reports that show conclusively that the Government actually secretly at least took the phenomenon seriously.

A view that was paralleled when Remote Viewing was first demonstrated to CIA back in the early 1970’s. Yet over two decades later when the program was eventually returned to CIA they say it had no operational value after conducting a hasty “study” by the American Institute for Research which only included research on Remote Viewing after it was transferred to DIA and did not include its earlier successes under CIA’s control and Inscom.

Again we go back to the subject of UFOs. Just as researchers were striking gold through the freedom of information act there was a broad release of what were called the Majestic 12 documents. Actually alleged “documents” that were recorded on microfilm obviously so they couldn’t properly verified “proving” a vast conspiracy between the Government and Aliens.

Tending to muddy the waters of UFO research much like the broad release of Remote Viewing may have done.

Remote Viewing Joins the Army


According to Kenneth Kress, CIA’s direct involvement with Remote Viewing ended with the death of Pat Price.

However this did not end the Government’s interest in the phenomenon. In  1977  CIA’s project Scanate is transferred to the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (Inscom) under the new classified sobriquet Gondola Wish.

Expanding on its Scientology roots psychic Ingo Swann becomes a consultant and is credited with writing the definitive manual on Remote Viewing which anyone who has any familiarity with the subject of Scientology employs many of its techniques which includes making a full clay representation of the target as part of “step VII” given in the manual.

The Army also employs Robert Munroe who has devised a technique or procedure he says produces an out of body state by using stereo headphones incorporating hemi-sync.

According to the theory different tones are generated in each headphone thus causing a binaural effect which creates an altered state. One of them being an OBE or out of body experience.

This was incorporated as part of what became known as RAPT (Rapid Acquisition Personal Training) which included a copper shielded “black box” much like Lilly’s sensory deprivation tank with the exception that the person remained in communication with the outside world via a pair of hemi-sync headphones and a microphone.

Probably the books best to read on this phase of Remote Viewing are those  written by Paul Smith and Joseph McMoneagle.

During this period the Remote Viewing program was run under Detachment G of Inscom and existed under various cryptonyms such as Grill Flame, Center Lane, Sun Streak  and eventually when it was transferred to the DIA as Stargate.

Contrary to CIA’s claim that Remote Viewing was never used operationally it seems according to the two former psychic spies Smith and McMoneagle it was used operationally by various Government Agencies with a great degree of success and some believe its is being continued by these same Agencies.

But before I explore this possibility we will be taking a look at another interesting chapter in the story of remote viewing.

Stay tuned.

The Advanced Levels of Scientology and Their Relationship to Remote Viewing


The Advanced levels of Scientology are those levels or grades above Grade IV which at the time that Remote Viewing was developed in the early 1970’s included Power, Power Plus, R6EW, the Clearing Course and OT I – VII.


I’ve included a screen shot of the actual Grade Chart that was issued at the time which included the alleged ability attained for each one.



The levels above OT III are of particular interest since they include:






After OT VI  one allegedly achieves the “ability to operate freely as a thetan exterior and to act pan-determinedly others; extends the influence of the thetan to the universe of others.”



The author is not suggesting that this is possible merely asking the reader to suspend his or her belief and consider the possibility of a thetan, Hubbard’s word for spirit, being freed from the confines of his or her physical body and allowed to go where thou wilt.


For instance given a coordinate or a random number representing such and then being able to go to that location unhampered by time or distance and accurately report what one perceived in this disembodied state.


Whether this is possible or not. One can see where Harold Puthoff and his friend Ingo Swann may have gotten the idea that Remote Viewing was feasible using whatever abilities they gained or felt they gained from the Advanced Levels of Scientology . 


Though Puthoff has been somewhat reticent about Scientology’s relationship to Remote Viewing. Swann has been vocal about Scientology’s relationship to his psychic abilities in the past even going on record as saying:




“They are solely the result of auditing. Not particularly even the OT Levels.

“I had extremely good gains from lower grades. And some had developed certainly by the time Power Processing took place.

“But steady good control over them, the control I have now — which is not perfect by the way — occurred after the completion of OT III Expanded, and is even better than ever now that I have finished OT VII.

“So they are solely the result of auditing.”


Excerpt from Advance Issue 21 Oct/Nov 1973


Published by the Advanced Organization of the Church of Scientology


Why would he obscure this relationship later on when writing his memoirs?


On the other hand it seems that Harold (Hal) Puthoff himself immediately distanced himself from the subject when he wrote a somewhat long technical treatise in an effort to explain Remote Viewing as a phenomenon connected to Quantum Physics or Mechanics.


Was this an effort on his part to make Remote Viewing  appear or seem more “Scientific” in order to make the phenomenon more acceptable to the orthodox scientific community which as some have suggested has become a religious practice in its own right?


Or was there some more clandestine purpose such as to obfuscate its actual source in order to control access to such information?


In any case.


What is also interesting is that after the Remote Viewing Program got into full swing that the Church of Scientology dropped the above levels into some memory hole and replaced them with newer levels.

Remote Viewing: From Metaphysics to Quantum Physics


The word Metaphysics is derived from a series of dissertations given by Aristotle which came after those he gave on Physics. “Meta”  simply means after or beyond in this case physics and is a word that was coined by Aristotelian scholars centuries after his death.

They couldn’t be included in “Physics” because they were discussions by Aristotle of the abstract of what can not immediately be perceived by the senses and thus beyond physics such as  the “supernatural”, the “paranormal” and what is considered “unexplained phenomenon” or “things that go boomp in the night”.

The “immaterial” as opposed to the “material” in philosophy. What is called dualism.

This includes the realm of what makes consciousness and awareness and the question of :Who or what is it that perceives?

Metaphysics like its close neighbor Parapsychology deal with things that it is not currently possible to accurately or possibly can not be quantified by the usual scientific means because of their subjectivity or abstraction. Therefore they exist outside the boundary of what Immanuel Kant called the “knowable” or at least what can be known objectively with any accuracy.

Like musicians some Remote Viewers seem more talented and capable than others.

Able to produce what some in the Intelligence Community have called the “eight martini result”.

Effort has been made to explain Remote Viewing as a phenomenon similar to “entanglement“, what Einstein called “spooky action from a distance” and other strange phenomena that has been observed in the field of quantum mechanics or physics, by Harold or “Hal” Puthoff the man who along with Russell Targ were the two individuals contracted by CIA to conduct the original research on Remote Viewing.

Both Targ and Puthoff a serious physicists with PHDs to their credit yet like many before them for example Einstein and Newton believed there may be something beyond the physical.

Puthoff in particular who like Ingo Swann was an adherent of the Church of Scientology at the time and had been initiated into the Church’s Advanced Levels which were directed toward the phenomenon of stable exteriorization and being able to operate exclusively outside the body as a spirit or as Scientologists call it a Thetan.

Something the author will explain in the next chapter.

Scientological Techniques: a Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration; Remote Viewing and the Scientology Connection


Ingo Swann is the author of a paper entitled Scientological Techniques: a Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration. Published by the Joint Publications Research Service as Document No. JPRS L/5022-1 and is restricted to “Government Use Only”, yet copies can be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

I’ve included it in the following link:

Ingo Scientological copy

The paper itself was presented at the First International Conference on Psychotronic Research given in Prague Czechoslovakia which was a Warsaw Pact nation at the time circa late 1973 and makes the connection between Scientology Techniques and Remote Viewing.

Swann considered by many to be the “father of remote viewing” passed away earlier this year.

It would be remiss in any discussion of remote viewing to omit Swann’s influence. According to his own ebook Remote Viewing – the Real Story he is the one who personally created the neologism giving the precise date and almost the exact time he suggested the term.

Book itself is very interesting reading however even more interesting is that Swann himself for whatever reason doesn’t mention what he at one time considered a major influence in his own psychic journey and that is Scientology.

Not that this nexus is any secret.

The fact is that a majority of the founding fathers of remote viewing including Ingo Swann with the exception of Russell Targ were high level Scientologists who had reached the level of “Operating Thetan”.

“Thetan” from the Greek letter theta is the word used in Scientology for spirit.

An “operating thetan” is one, who according to Scientology lore, can operate outside the body.

Ingo himself was not only an “OT” a term that is commonly abbreviated but also a Scientology Minister. One who is educated in many of the techniques and procedures used in allegedly (since all things spiritual or dealing with the mind are for the most part subjective) achieving this state.

For some reason as Swann became more of an authority in later years he began to obscure this connection.

Unfortunately since Ingo has kissed Earth goodbye we can not ask him why.

To quote former DCI Stanfield Turner when asked about the late Pat Price:

“He died, and we haven’t heard from him since.”

The Military-Occult Complex



If anything written can make spooks seem spookier it’s W.Adam Mandelbaum’s The Psychic Battlefield.


Mandelbaum a “former” spook himself not only discusses the CIA’s fascination with Remote Viewing but goes into the history behind it and makes the connection between what a former DCI called the Craft of Intelligence and witchcraft. The cult of intelligence and the occult.


Really not too big of a stretch when you consider the etymology of the word occult means to cover or hide. Something spies and spy agencies do all the time.


They also deal in deception and illusion which is an intricate part of magic.


Then of course you have the symbiotic relationship between spooks and secret societies or cults. It explains why many spies belong to or are members of such obscure organizations like the Skull and Bones, the Masons, the Knights of Malta whose connection to the Templar Knights is well known by those who research these dark vineyards.


Secret societies and cults are pretty much the originators of invisible ink and recognition signals. Many incantations are actually codes. A member of one of these occult groups would find the transition to covert world of intelligence a natural step.


The Military has always employed spies to gain intelligence on their enemies and sometimes their allies plans, strategies and tactics.


Much of what Sun Tzu wrote about the use of spies over two millennia ago is still practiced today.


Civilian spy agencies like the CIA seek a political objective or advantage by employing covert warfare either directly, psychologically and in the case of remote viewing psychically.


Despite what the “skeptics“, who many believe are employed by these same agencies, say about all this “hocus pocus” the Intelligence Community, the Military and even many police agencies continue to elicit the help of psychics, covertly of course and without much fanfare.


For instance there is the case of the kidnapped heiress Patricia Hearst and no doubt others.


Duplicity is not an uncommon trait among spies. Taking an allied subject in the field of the Paranormal, UFOs, we see that the CIA set about discrediting the subject through such things as the Robertson Panel while on the other hand maintaining an interest in this unexplained aerial phenomenon themselves.


So highly classified is this fascination and so difficult has been to acquire documents relating to it through the Freedom of Information Act that many of the public believe that there is an actual conspiracy between our Government and aliens.

Add to this the possibility that the agencies themselves have contributed to this belief .

Giving the impression that this is what they want the public to believe.

My personal opinion is there are those in the Government who are just as fascinated about these strange lights in the sky and by the possibility of psychic phenomenon but like the public in general they are just as mystified. They can’t explain why these phenomena occur. Something which is hard for any Government to admit since it detracts from the illusion that they are omniscient and all knowing.